Stephen Palmer

Director Safearth Consulting

Stephen is the Director of Safearth, Australia’s leading earthing specialists. He is a grounding specialist with significant expertise in all areas related to grounding and lightning protection, across sectors including power generation, transmission and distribution, heavy industry, mining and rail.

Stephen is an active member of the five IEEE PES Substation committees responsible for grounding and lightning protection, and was key in the development of the EG-0 Power System Grounding Guide, one of the most beneficial modern standards in managing grounding related risk.

He is the convener of the new CIGRE Working Group B3.54 (tasked to publish on grounding system testing) and secretary of the CIGRE/CIRED Joint Working Group B3.35 (on substation grounding design optimization) and has presented at numerous conferences including for the Energy Networks Association (ENA), Engineers Australia, CIGRE, IEEE and CEATI.

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Stephen Palmer